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is a perfect DIY, home builders, and renovators solution. It cuts labour time and reduces trade management issues. MAGNABBOARD profits the ends user by cutting high future painting costs, and by making repainting simple without the need to cut in.

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is the only screwless, nailless, magnetic hidden-fastening system for composite decking. MagnaDEK naturally allows deckboards to expand and contract rather then permanently affixing them causing damage to the board. MagnaDEK is the worlds only true hidden fastening system.


The worst job in the construction industry is finishing baseboards. The industry standard has always been to take perfectly good wood and then wreck it by installing with nails, then expending an exorbitant amount of high cost labour, tools and materials to clean up and repair them.

So, you’ve decided to take the path to enlightenment… we’re glad you did.